Can I Get Auto Financing With No Credit Or Bad Credit?

Auto Financing With No Credit Or Bad Credit

Auto Financing With No Credit Or Bad Credit

Since our economy has improved in many parts of the country, auto lenders have expanded access to financing bad credit. That’s the good news. The not-so-good side is, if you have credit problems, you’ll often pay a premium for financing. Why? To cover the lender’s heightened risk just as you would with other loan like a mortgage. Folks with no credit or credit issues with a FICO score of 660 or lower are considered a subprime borrower. Same is true if you’ve had a bankruptcy within the last five years or your debt-to-income ratio is 50 percent or higher. It can be difficult financing bad credit.

Mistakes Do Happen!

Unfortunately even errors on your credit report could result in a higher interest rate or even a denied loan application. Make sure and check your credit report and dispute any abnormalities.
A Federal Trade Commission study showed 5 percent of consumers have mistakes on credit reports. For people without errors on their credit report, those issues can cost money.

Here’s a look at options for people with credit issues:

1. Pay cash. If you save up enough money to pay in cash, you’ll avoid the money issues that damage your credit. Keep in mind that if you are a credit-challenged person taking on a car loan. You could sign up for something that’s beyond your means. This isn’t a realistic option for everyone. But if you can make it work and avoid the higher interest. alright! You don’t need financing for bad credit.

2. Consider the length of the loan. If it turns out that you need to finance a car, be sure to set a monthly payment that isn’t going to break the bank. Longer auto loans – some borrowers finance a car for six years or longer – this means you could be underwater for a major portion of the loan, owing more than the vehicle is worth due to depreciation. You will also pay more in interest over the term of the loan, however you will have lower monthly payments too. Be aware that a subprime creditors may require a you to take a shorter-term loan in an effort to reduce their risk exposure.

Hunt Around

3. Shop around for financing. Don’t think that with less than perfect credit, your only option is a car lot willing to finance you at a very high rate. Before you go into a dealership, check with your local bank or credit union. perhaps they will give you financing for bad credit.Do you have an existing relationship with a credit union? Because these are member-only smaller financial cooperatives, they tend to be a bit more flexible in their willingness to listen to your story. You can get financing for bad credit.In many cases the underwriting is being done locally, not by some big corporation that doesn’t understand the local culture and circumstances. If denied your options can change in a few months, especially if you were previously out of work.

4. Get a cosigner. If someone like a spouse or parent is willing to cosign your auto loan. A cosigner really helps because it gives the lender options in recovery that are beyond the person with bad credit.

Another Option

5. Find a “buy here, pay here” dealer. (Highway Motors) If all else fails and you really need a set of wheels, a “buy here, pay here” dealer may be your last stop. “Buy here, pay here” dealers are typically independent dealers that underwrite the loan themselves at a higher than prime interest rate, and most have borrowers drop off payment rather than wait for a check in the mail. “You can take delivery of the car, but you’re going to have to drop off payments on a regular basis, hence the name “Buy Here Pay Here”.

Highway Motors in Chico has created a program that is most convenient to their customers. They offer online payments, call in payments or automatic payments to help their customers that find it difficult to drop of payments as is the case at a traditional Buy Here Pay Here dealership.You can get financing for bad credit!


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