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Bait and Switch

Buyer Beware Series Article


You have probably heard the term ” caveat emptor” or “Buyer Beware”. Seems simple enough however there are some dealerships that might try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Here is one way this can happen.

Bait and Switch

The Scam: The dealer advertises a vehicle with a great price, but when you go to the dealership, they say it’s already been sold! They then show you a more expensive vehicle.  Perhaps you have been offered a really really low down payment. An offer like “$1.00 gets you into any car” may seem to good to be true. It usually is because when arrive at the lot to buy a vehicle you  find out you also need $2000 for tax and license before you can drive away!

“The whole point of a bait-and-switch ad is to get you to the showroom.” Says Business Insider

What To Do: Call the dealership just prior to visiting to confirm they still have the vehicle in stock. If so, ask them to email or fax you a signed statement indicating that the vehicle is still in stock and available for sale. If they try to pull a bait and switch on you after that, you will have proof.

Please feel free to visit our inventory, no login or sign up requirements. If you decide to purchase a car from Highway Motors rest assured that the approval requirement are the same for everyone and are clearly published on our website for anyone to see.

Happy Hunting!

Highway Motors, Chico CA

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