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Are you aware of the many different and important functions your car’s gas cap does for you?


A gas/fuel cap performs three very important functions


2. Fuel Economy
3.Reduces Harmful Emissions.


Many may not even think that vehicles gas cap could be a maintenance issue. Besides the safety concern of gasoline spilling out of a recently filled gas tank, gas caps can save a you a lot of money in fuel expenses if they are properly used and properly maintained and replaced when the cap is worn out.

This sometimes un-noticed part of a car’s fuel system can help raise the emissions of a car, which has a negative effect on your performance and gas mileage. Listen for a hiss when you loosen the gas cap. That means that it is fitting well, it [...]


Buying a used vehicle requires a lot of preparation and research. Looking up Official documents is a great way to educate yourself about the vehicle, but buyer beware of counterfeit documents—always check them against the vehicle identification number to verify authenticity.

Using an online VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) check can be the easiest way find out the history of a used car. The NewsWheel wrote an excellent article highlighting a website called Just enter your VIN and get a documented history of the vehicle your researching.

The NewsWheel article points out that the Information included in a report is
a VIN report that covers the following information:

• General characteristics of the vehicle, including the manufacturer, specs, gas mileage, safety features, etc.

• Records on maintenance, registration, title, reports on previous purchases

• Records on insurance, theft, export, lien, impound, etc.

Buying a used car can cost you a fortune if you [...]

Bait and Switch

Buyer Beware Series Article


You have probably heard the term ” caveat emptor” or “Buyer Beware”. Seems simple enough however there are some dealerships that might try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Here is one way this can happen.

Bait and Switch

The Scam: The dealer advertises a vehicle with a great price, but when you go to the dealership, they say it’s already been sold! They then show you a more expensive vehicle.  Perhaps you have been offered a really really low down payment. An offer like “$1.00 gets you into any car” may seem to good to be true. It usually is because when arrive at the lot to buy a vehicle you  find out you also need $2000 for tax and license before you can drive away!

“The whole point of a bait-and-switch ad is to get you to the showroom.” Says Business Insider

What To Do: Call the dealership just prior to visiting [...]


Damaged Cars Coming Out Of Flooded Regions Of U.S.!

We all remember the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It is important to note that Hundreds of thousands of cars were flooded in those hurricanes .

2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria,  Including 2018 Hurricane Florence!

Although most of those vehicles have since been taken off the market. But don’t under estimate the number that have been restored and sent to the auction. Unsuspecting buyers of used vehicles, hundreds of miles from where they were flooded months earlier could fall victim of unscrupulous dealers or private sellers.

Assumptions Can Cost You Money!

Our example consumer knew when he bought the vehicle that underneath had some rust, and the engine compartment had what seemed like a light coating of road salt in it, which he assumed meant the car came from somewhere in the [...]

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