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14 Jun 2018

Your Cars Gas Cap. Is It Really That Important?

Are you aware of the many different and important functions your car’s gas cap does for you?

A gas/fuel cap preforms three very important functions


2. Fuel Economy
3.Reduces Harmful Emissions.

Many may not even think that vehicles gas cap could be a maintenance issue. Besides the safety concern of gasoline spilling out of a recently filled gas tank, gas caps can save a you a lot of money in fuel expenses if they are properly used and properly maintained and replaced when the cap is worn out.

This sometimes un-noticed part of a car’s fuel system can help raise the emissions of a car, which has a negative effect on your performance and gas mileage. Listen for a hiss when you loosen the gas cap. That means that it is fitting well, it hasn’t warped, and it is adequately sealing the tank.

Fuel Efficient
Gas caps are incredibly helpful with fuel efficiency. Helping to eliminate fumes and gas evaporation from the gas tank and polluting the air. Gas caps prevent water from damaging parts of the fuel system, along with stopping dirt and other contaminants from getting into the sensitive systems that make up a car’s vital performance.

Replacing a Gas Cap
Once you discover that the car’s gas cap needs to be replaced, you will need to determine what size you need to replace it with. Your car’s owner manual is helpful in determining the correct sized cap. Or, make a quick call to your local auto parts store or dealership. They will know what model and size gas cap you need for your car and probably have it in stock or they can order it for you.

All in the details
While this little part may be under-appreciated and often forgotten, a properly fitted gas cap will make a substantial difference in maintaining fuel efficiency. No doubt you will want to check your gas cap and determine how it fits the next time you fill up the tank. Listen for the hiss. Oh ya, did you put the gas cap back on? If you’re like me you’ve seen cars driving down the road with the cap hanging out of their car or even with no gas cap at all. It doesn’t take long to forget the little details.

09 Jun 2018

Buyer Beware Series: How To Check Vehicle History Before Buying A Used Car



Buying a used vehicle requires a lot of preparation and research. Looking up Official documents is a great way to educate yourself about the vehicle, but buyer beware of counterfeit documents—always check them against the vehicle identification number to verify authenticity.

Using an online VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) check can be the easiest way find out the history of a used car. The NewsWheel wrote an excellent article highlighting a website called  www.faxvin.com Just enter your VIN and get a documented history of the vehicle your researching.

The NewsWheel article points out that the Information included in a report is
a VIN report that covers the following information:

• General characteristics of the vehicle, including the manufacturer, specs, gas mileage, safety features, etc.

• Records on maintenance, registration, title, reports on previous purchases

• Records on insurance, theft, export, lien, impound, etc.

Buying a used car can cost you a fortune if you don’t do your research thoroughly. Using a VIN check service will cost you nothing, but could save you hundreds in the long run.

Happy Car Hunting!

Highway Motors Chico CA

06 Jun 2018

Buyers Beware- Bait and Switch

You have probably heard the term ” caveat emptor” or “Buyer Beware”. Seems simple enough however there are some dealerships that might try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Here is one way this can happen. 

Bait and Switch

The Scam: The dealer advertises a vehicle with a great price, but when you go to the dealership, they say it’s already been sold! They then show you a more expensive vehicle.  Perhaps you have been offered a really really low down payment. An offer like “$1.00 gets you into any car” may seem to good to be true. It usually is because when arrive at the lot to buy a vehicle you  find out you also need $2000 for tax and license before you can drive away!

“The whole point of a bait-and-switch ad is to get you to the showroom.” Says Business Insider

What To Do: Call the dealership just prior to visiting to confirm they still have the vehicle in stock. If so, ask them to email or fax you a signed statement indicating that the vehicle is still in stock and available for sale. If they try to pull a bait and switch on you after that, you will have proof.

Please feel free to visit our inventory, no login or sign up requirements. If you decide to purchase a car from Highway Motors rest assured that the approval requirement are the same for everyone and are clearly published on our website for anyone to see.

Happy Hunting!

Highway Motors, Chico CA

05 Jun 2018

Can I Buy a Car With Low or No Credit?


Need a new vehicle and concerned about your credit score?


What Are your options?


How to Buy a Car With Low or No Credit

If your credit score is less than perfect, paying cash or finding someone to cosign can help you land the car you want.
Since our economy has improved in many parts of the country, auto lenders have expanded access to financing. That’s the good news. The not-so-good side is, if you have credit problems, you’ll often pay a premium for financing to cover the lender’s heightened risk just as you would with other loan like a mortgage. Folks with no credit or credit issues with a FICO score of 660 or lower you are considered a subprime borrower . Same is true if you’ve had a bankruptcy within the last five years or your debt-to-income ratio is 50 percent or higher.

Unfortunately even errors on your credit report could result in a higher interest rate or even a denied loan application, make sure and check your credit report and dispute any abnormalities.
A Federal Trade Commission study showed that 5 percent of American consumers have mistakes on their credit reports that could result in paying more for auto loans or insurance.
For people without errors on their credit report, those issues can cost money. Kelly Blue Book executive noted that “If the going rate was 4 percent for somebody with good credit, then somebody with challenged credit might be paying a third more,”

Here’s a look at options for people with credit issues:Owe some doe

1. Pay cash. If you are able to save up enough money to pay for a car in cash, you’ll avoid all the money issues that could damage your credit or lead to repossession further damaging your credit. Keep in mind that if you are a credit-challenged person taking on a car loan, you could sign up for something that’s beyond your means and can just be a further financial troubles. This isn’t a realistic option for everyone, but if you can make it work, you’ll also avoid the higher interest charges you may be offered due to credit issues.

2. Consider the length of the loan. If it turns out that you need to finance a car, be sure to set a monthly payment that isn’t going to stretch your budget too far and balance that with the length of the loan. Longer auto loans – some borrowers finance a car for six years or longer – this means you could be underwater for a major portion of the loan, owing more than the vehicle is worth due to depreciation. You will also pay more in interest over the term of the loan, however you will have lower monthly payments too. Be aware that a subprime creditors may require a you to take a shorter-term loan in an effort to reduce their risk exposure.

3. Shop around for financing. Don’t think that with less than perfect credit, your only option is a car lot willing to finance you at a very high rate. Before you go into a dealership, check with your local bank or credit union. Do you have an existing relationship with a credit union? Because these are member-only smaller financial cooperatives, they tend to be a bit more flexible in their willingness to listen to your story. In many cases the underwriting is being done locally, not by some big corporation that doesn’t understand the local culture and circumstances. If denied your options can change in a few months, especially if you were previously out of work.

4. Get a cosigner. If someone like a spouse or parent is willing to cosign your auto loan. A cosigner really helps because it gives the lender options in recovery that are beyond the person with bad credit.

5. Find a “buy here, pay here” dealer. (Highway Motors) If all else fails and you really need a set of wheels, a “buy here, pay here” dealer may be your last stop. “Buy here, pay here” dealers are typically independent dealers that underwrite the loan themselves at a higher than prime interest rate, and most have borrowers drop off payment rather than wait for a check in the mail. “You can take delivery of the car, but you’re going to have to drop off payments on a regular basis, hence the name “Buy Here Pay Here “.

Highway Motors in Chico has created a program that is most convenient to their customers. They offer online payments, call in payments or automatic payments to help their customers that find it difficult to drop of payments as is the case at a traditional Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

Happy Hunting!

Highway Motors Chico CA



Give us a call or come on by! 2961 Hwy 32 Chico CA 95973 Ph. 530-895-5555


29 May 2018

Low Mileage, Good Price-High Mileage, Better Price


Searching for a used car?


Perhaps you’re looking for a used car that has the latest technology such as adaptive cruise control and cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings. But, you can’t afford a 2-year-old model with average miles, but Highway Motors has the car of your dreams, and it’s a thousand less. There’s one problem: This 2-year-old model has over 100,000 miles. Should you stay clear?

Here’s a few pointers to help make a decision on either one of these cars.

The first thing with any car is “do your research”. CARFAX is a great reference as to the condition and reoccurring problems the may be a problem. Check if there are repetitive problems, such as serious (and expensive) issues with the transmission, power steering, electrical system and engine. Replacing the engine’s timing chain, for example, can run $2,000 to $3,000.
Knowing a car’s history is important. Ask the dealer to show you data that includes the vehicle’s repairs, maintenance schedule, recalls, and in some cases, even oil changes. CARFAX or AutoCheck are good sources for this information and you can buy a used car report for about $40. Generally, a vehicle that has been well-maintained should have a longer, potentially trouble-free-future compared to the vehicle that has been ignored. Highway Motors offers an up to date CARFAX on every vehicle on the lot.

Remember, the 2 year old car is still a 2 -year old car. Compare that with a 6-8 year old car with 1000k miles. Age is a factor, many components tend to wear out over time not always just because of miles driven. By opting for the car you can afford in this case you better your chances of success financially by staying within your budget and driving a newer, nicer car at the same time.

Happy Hunting
Highway Motors.com

25 May 2018

Protection From Flooded Used Vehicles

Damaged Cars Coming Out Of Flooded Regions Of U.S.!


We all remember the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It is important to note that Hundreds of thousands of cars were flooded in those hurricanes .


2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

Although most of those vehicles have since been taken off the market. But don’t under estimate the number that have been restored and sent to the auction. Unsuspecting buyers of used vehicles, hundreds of miles from where they were flooded months earlier could fall victim of unscrupulous dealers or private sellers.

Assumptions Can Cost You Money!

Our example consumer knew when he bought the vehicle that underneath had some rust, and the engine compartment had what seemed like a light coating of road salt in it, which he assumed meant the car came from somewhere in the northern states, where salt is used for de-icing roadways.

But when he took it to his mechanic, he told him it wasn’t road salt, but sea salt causing his problems. So the mechanic helped him find a Carfax report, where they learned the truck was located in Florida in the midst of Hurricane Irma.

It was then sold at auction as “salvage,” according to the Carfax report. “The insurance company wrote it up as a complete loss and gave it the designation salvage and flood damaged vehicle,” The part we need to pay attention to is that he no idea at the time of purchase! Why? He never looked at the Carfax report, and the dealer only said it had a “rebuilt” title. Highway Motors always offers a free CARFAX Report with every car we put in our inventory. We also never sell a vehicle with a “Salvage” title. Here are some other tips regarding flood damaged vehicles.

Please be very cautious, if a deal looks “too good to be true” it probably is. Keep in mind many flood damaged cars, look good inside.

What Should I Watch For?
People that flip “salvage” title cars find it very easy to hide the telltale signs of flood damage. Flooded vehicles literally disintegrate from the inside out. However, on the outside, they can appear like any other used car on the road.

Here are a few red flags to be aware of:

– Sand or salt in the engine compartment
– Sand or salt in the trunk under the spare tire.
– Corrosion or rust under the seats
– Moisture bubbles trapped in the tail lights

Remember, only a Carfax or similar history report would show flooding. Always be diligent when buying a used car. Make sure and inspect the title, get a Carfax report and be very suspicious of cars from hurricane ravaged areas.

Our hope is that this bulletin helps you in your search for a Used Vehicle. If you need any assistance in your search, give us a call 530-895-5555 or visit our website www.highwaymotorschico.com

Happy Hunting!

Highway Motors

19 Jul 2017

Car Trouble? Leaking Engine? Mechanical Problems? Call Highway Motors

Highway Motors is a full service automotive repair and maintenance facility. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to every customer. Regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance is your first line of defense against expensive repairs. Oil changes, thermostats, water pumps, and timing belts play an important role in maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

14 Jun 2017

Diesel Repair In Chico?


Looking for local Diesel Repair In Chico?

Look to Highway Motors in Chico!

Highway Motors in Chico is one of the few area shops who you can trust to properly repair your diesel pickup truck. Our technicians have years of experience working on diesel pickup trucks manufactured by Ford, Dodge and General Motors.

Powerstroke,Cummins ,Duramax diesel pickup truck. We do them all.

Our experienced diesel engine repair specialists will fix your truck right!

Call us today to schedule your appointment at 530-895-5555

Or visit us online at www.HighwayMotorsChico.com

09 May 2017

Is Poor Credit Keeping You From Getting a Car?

Come to Highway Motors in Chico. Our in-house car financing helps families get the vehicle they need with a low down payment. Many auto dealerships can’t work with the unique situations of the average car buyer. From subprime credit scores to unusual ways of making a living, we can help. Our used cars have been thoroughly inspected by our mechanics and every car is sold with a warranty.

Come in, explain your unique situation and let us show you what we can do. Don’t let Credit Challenges hold you back from getting the Car or SUV you need today!

Visit us in Chico or see our full inventory online at www.highwaymotorschico.com
Start the approval process by clicking here https://highwaymotorschico.com/financia…/credit-application/

09 May 2017

Auto Repair in Chico? Look to Highway Motors!

Our Quality used vehicles and auto repairs will keep you on the road for years to come. We’re not just another used auto dealer with a shade tree mechanic. We only hire the best, most qualified technicians in Northern California.

You can Trust us to handle your car, truck, mini vans or SUV’s service needs with honesty and integrity. With over 175 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, we understand our customers and guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your experience at Highway Motors.

We are the only automotive repair facility that offers everything all in one place.

Mechanical Repair
Free Safety Inspections with every service.
Free Local Shuttle Service.
Free non-emergency local towing.
Timing Belts.
Brake Service and Repair.
Check Engine Lights.
Smog Repairs Done Right!
Diesel pickup truck repair
We repair Duramax, Cummins and Power Stroke diesel trucks.
Auto body repair, Collision repair and refinishing
Free body shop estimates.
Expert color matching and dent repair.
Our auto body and paint shop can have you looking like you never had a car accident!

Visit us online at www.HighwayMotorsChico.com or Give us a call at 530-895-5555

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