Why Buy a Second Hand Car?

Why Should You Buy a Second Hand Car?


With over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, we are aware that the perception of a used second hand car dealership is often negative. At Highway Motors, our goal is to make every effort to change the perception of what it means to buy a used car.

At Highway Motors our vehicles are inspected with rigorous attention to detail. From the tail lights and A/C to the tire condition and tread depth, we make sure all of our vehicles are in optimum condition. Check out our used car safety inspection and detail checklists. We do our best to make sure we provide you with a safe and affordable used car, truck, or SUV.

At Highway Motors, our knowledge and familiarity with used cars contributes to a positive car buying experience for all of our customers. We call it “the personal touch,” which is something you will not experience at your average, big-business dealership.

DSC04773You will always meet with Ben, the owner, for your final sale. If you have any questions about a car or sale, Ben will be there to give you an honest answer. We don’t ever want you to feel like “just another sale” here at Highway Motors.

Even with Highway Motor’s high standards, it is impossible to assume that every affordable second hand car is flawless.  A previously owned vehicle may have a scratch or a ding, and extra keys and owners manuals may not always come with the vehicle. This is why it is important to personally inspect any vehicle that you are considering purchasing. 

Please feel free to search our photo gallery of inventory to quickly find the used car, mini-van, used truck or SUV that you have been looking for.  Please note that all of our inventory is ACTUAL inventory, nothing virtual here. What you see is what we have!

If you do not see what you are looking for, please give us a call. We buy new cars all of the time.


Avoid being scammed when buying a second hand car:

  • Make sure that the car has a VIN number that matches the title and California paperwork.
  • Always compare mileage on the title to the actual mileage on the vehicle
  • Have the vehicle checked by a mechanic.  At Highway Motors, we will personally take your vehicle to the mechanic of your choice for inspection.
  • Watch out for ads where dealers pretend to be private sellers.  They may be trying to dodge some kind of legal obligation
  • Pull a CARFAX or AUTO CHECK report to reveal any odometer or title problems


Why Buy Used?

  • Choice of vehicle:  In recent years, the record number of new cars and trucks sold by automakers has created an abundance of quality affordable used vehicles. This has left the used car shopper with an impressive number of choices. In 2005, there was an estimated 44 million used car sales in the Untied States. Now that is some selection!
  • Pricing and Amenities: A flooded market means better prices on used cars. For less than ½ the price of a new car, you can buy a quality second hand car that has more amenities than a bare bones new car.
  • Depreciation: A new vehicle loses 10% of its value when it is driven off the dealership lot! Buying used gives the person who bought the new car an opportunity to eat the cost of depreciation. At the same time, you get a great car for much less.



Paid for or not, all trade-ins are welcome at Highway Motors.


Financing Your Used Car Purchase

Financing is our specialty at Highway Motors.  From A+ credit to bad credit, we can get you the auto loan you need.  Prior repossessions and bankruptcies are not a problem at Highway Motors. We even have a “Buy Here, Pay Here” option if we are unable to secure bank financing.  Let us help you find the right auto financing that fits your needs. Our free auto loan payment calculator can help you calculate your car payment before you get here. Interest rates vary depending on the term of the loan, your credit score, and the car you choose.  Interest rates are currently at 24.95%.


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